Posts Boss Bottled - A Hugo Boss Fragrance Review

Boss Bottled - A Hugo Boss Fragrance Review

Boss Bottled is my first serious fragrance, which I bought after a summer job in California a couple of years back. The perfumers are Annick Menardo and Christian Dussoulier. Officially, the notes of this fragrance include:

  • Top Notes: Apple
  • Heart Notes: Geranium, Cinnamon
  • Base Notes: Sensual Woody Notes

For me, it’s a subtly delicious pleasant warm sweet mix that’s also not a sugar overdrive. The opening consists of mainly cinnamon, green apple, and vanilla flavors (though this last one isn’t officially listed). After an hour or two, the vanilla lingers with a hint of nature’s woody notes, and the cinnamon gradually fades away. Just like how its commercial featuring Chris Hemsworth portrayed it, the scent gives me a strong “professional and successful” vibe. I’d imagine one wearing it along with a crisp white Oxford shirt and a navy suit. It’s a fragrance that I wouldn’t be too surprised if I smelled it on Christian Grey (from “50 Shades of Grey”) or Harvey Specter (from “Suits”).

The bottle representation, like its scent, isn’t too extravagant either. The designers went with a classic wine-bottle-ish shape. The subtle lemonade yellow liquid that shines through the perfectly transparent glass rounds up the simplicity and boldness of Boss Bottled.

In terms of its uniqueness, I’d say Boss Bottled is fairly distinctive. You shouldn’t worry about smelling similar to every other random guy down the street. If I were to choose one “signature scent” for myself, I’d go with this one. Every time I put on Boss Bottled, I’m immediately overwhelmed by positivity and confidence. The only downside is that it smells a bit too formal and elegant for everyday wear, and its longevity performance isn’t the best. My preferred seasons of wearing this fragrance is spring and fall.

That’s it for my review on Boss Bottled, thanks for reading.

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