Posts Syncing Sticky Notes Between Laptop and Mobile

Syncing Sticky Notes Between Laptop and Mobile

This post is intended for Windows 10 users with either an Android phone or an iPhone, or MacBook users with an Android phone. If you are using a MacBook with an iPhone, the better option would be Apple’s default Notes app.


Sticky Notes is an app from Microsoft that I use quite often for jotting down useful ideas that popped into my head, or simply as a place to temporarily store some text. I differentiate sticky notes and To-Do’s by their importance — To-Do’s are things I have to finish by a specific deadline whether I want to or not.

To sync notes between laptop and mobile automatically, you must have Sticky Notes installed and signed in with your Microsoft account on both platforms.

Ideas often strike when I’m taking public transportation. That’s why I mostly create new sticky notes on my phone. When I get home and sit before the laptop ready to work, I can put my phone aside and view the same notes that I took during the day on my laptop. The syncing feature also allows easy copy-and-pasting across different platforms.

Sticky Notes on different platforms.

On Windows 10, Sticky Notes is a standalone application that is most likely preinstalled. If it isn’t (or if you deleted it), you can still download it free from the Microsoft Store.

On both Android and iOS, Sticky Notes is integrated as a part of OneNote. Therefore, you would have to download OneNote on your mobile phone even if you just want to use the Sticky Notes feature.

On macOS, the only way to access Sticky Notes is through a web browser (this approach will work on any other platform as well). Sticky Notes in the web is integrated as part of the Outlook web email interface. Sign into your Microsoft account and head over to to enjoy the sync.

Concluding words

If you are in search of an app for storing random thoughts and sudden inspirations, try out Sticky Notes! If you’re already using Sticky Notes but didn’t know about the syncing feature, I’m glad my post helped!

Either way, that’s all for this time. Cheers.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.